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Purpose Fuel was founded in 2020 because services for older adults lack direction, purpose, tangible results, and are more  focused on passing time rather than personalization and growth. That’s why our dedicated, detail-orientated team of project designers collaborate with older adults to bring their creative projects to life and refuel their drive for purpose. We’ll work together to enable your online store, online presence, multimedia design, and can even source and deliver supplies. Ultimately, we build meaningful community connections through your projects and connect you with others who share the same interests and passions.

Standing Against Stereotypes

We take a collaborative, anti-ageist approach to ensure you are the one leading the way to realize your vision. Our approach ensures that we treat older people as they are: strong, independent, and with a unique set of plausible needs, rather than people IN need.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide integrated services so you get access to all services, supplies, and connections needed to
complete your project
We understand older adults’ need for purpose, connection, community-building, and value
We can work remotely or in-person if you are in Ottawa
We guarantee a full refund when a project has not been started or if the initial design style has not been approved
We value diversity and believe that everyone should be treated equitably regardless of age, race,
native language, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristics

Meet the owner

Jesse Pyne
CEO & Lead Project Designer

Hi there!

I’m Jesse, and I specialize in interactive multimedia development. I first became an entrepreneur in 2018 when I co-founded a hair salon in Ottawa that celebrates gender diversity, empowerment, and freedom from social expectations. I was born and raised in Ottawa. I studied Information Systems & Human Rights at Carleton University, as well as Interactive Multimedia Development & Community Personal Support Work at Algonquin College.

I’m passionate about working with older entrepreneurs to find them meaningful community connections and purpose. During my community support work, I saw first-hand that the older clients I worked with had a ton of skill, passion, and creativity, but they struggled to find activities and connections that brought a sense of purpose and excitement to their life. These experiences fueled my focus on the older-Canadian market and inspired me to create Purpose Fuel, to work with older adults to follow their life’s passion and find their purpose.

Today, I’ve followed my own passion and purpose and developed a talented team of project designers capable of handling any client needs with the highest level of service.


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River Pyne

River Pyne

Relationship Manager

Sarah Ricciardelli

Sarah Ricciardelli

Digital Marketing Assistant

Morgan Wall

Morgan Wall

Accessibility Consultant