NETWORKING Meetup for Entrepreneurs, Makers and Doers

Purpose in Pride

Join us for a free monthly discussion and networking group, open to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community who are doing their own thing, including:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Makers & Creatives
  • Organizers
  • Leaders

Our Next Meeting

We are currently on hiatus. If you would like to volunteer to help us keep this group up and running let us know!

About the Group

This August, Purpose Fuel began sponsoring a new community group that is starting up for local 2SLGBTQ+ business owners, makers, organizers and anyone who is finding their purpose by stepping out and ‘doing their own thing.’ We feel it’s important to include everyone and not only those engaging in for-profit endeavours, so you are welcome regardless of your motivations!

 The group’s main objectives will be to: 

    • Provide a safe and supportive space to share experiences, build solidarity and network with other leaders.
    • Workshop creative ideas for overcoming some of the unique barriers we face.
    • Maintain an environment of mutual support with opportunities to swap-services, collaborate and gain new knowledge and perspectives from those in diverse fields and backgrounds.
    • Coordinate as a collective and find ways to work together to make an impact on the greater community.

      Build Each Other Up

      An opportunity to share resources, tips and create an atmosphere of mutual support.

      Find Community

      Budding entrepreneurs and doers are often faced with a lack of camaraderie and support. This is a chance to create connections and share about the endeavors that bring us meaning.

      Group Format

      This is a discussion and networking group. The format of this group may change over time.


      We value diversity and believe everyone should be treated equitably regardless of age, race, native language, gender, sexual orientation or other characteristics.


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